Let's get outta here

I'm moving. Technically this blog is moving. The new (and improved) blog is now up. and. running. Ch-ch-check it out. Please. I beg you. www.michellecrossblog.com See ya on the other side.

The Daniels Family

Laynee Jane Richardson

I Still Take Pictures!

Hi Guys! I still like taking pictures, I really do. Stay tuned for some rockin' families I've been able to shoot lately. AND stay tuned for a new blog. Soon. I promise. However, before that can happen I need to graduate from college, get married, spend a month in Europe with my super cool new husband, and move across the country. Then, I swear, a new blog will be coming. I still want to be a photographer and I still want to take pictures of you. For some reason my aforementioned to-do list seems to be taking over my life. Excuses, I know.